675 Daytona and Street Triple Gasket and Seals

Part REF: K904


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Cover gasket set and seals most frequently used for engine rebuilds on all 675 Daytona up to VIN 564947 and 675 Street Triple up yo VIN 381274.

The later style black baffled sump gasket is included and Triumph advise if this is replacing the early type unbaffled gasket, a new pressure release valve (PRV) T12111065 should be fitted at the same time.  If the sump gasket is already baffled, the PRV should have already been changed.

To cover all VIN numbers, both 19 mm and 18.8 mm cam chain tensioner O-rings are included in the kit. 19 mm up to Daytona VIN 381274 and Street Triple uo to VIN 493832. 18.8 mm on all later models.


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