Ignition coil PVL 1200 models and Bonneville 800/865.

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PVL ignition coil to fit 1000 Daytona, 1200 Daytona, 1200 Trophy, Bonneville 800/865 (carburettor), T100 (carburettor) and Thruxton (carburettor). There is just one ignition coil used  on the Bonneville models, which have two plug lead outlets. The original push fit plug leads also fit the replacement coils. After pulling back the rubber plug lead boot on the coil outlets, just pull the lead out of the original coil and push into the replacement coil.   Made in Germany and sold out of the USA as Nology. For 1200 Trophy models after vin 45788, it is better to use only the Gill coil.

Exactly the same as Triumph 1290005-T0301 and also replaces Triumph T1290048