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Back in the days when production motorcycles were little more than forks and frames, aerodynamic fairings from the likes of Avon and Rickman were the ultimate accessory for those who wanted to make their bike stand out from the crowd.  These days, they’re an essential ingredient for many riders who want to capture a cafe racer or classic track bike look.

When you talk about a classic race fairing Avon designs are what usually spring to mind.  From the 1950s through to the 70s, many classic designs sported Avon fairings including some of the fastest race bikes of the time. Our Avon top fairing boasts all the style and character of the original component using original tooling, and as long as you have workshop facilities, can be adapted to virtually any bike.

Compare the products below with the models listed on our Sports Fairings and Windscreens pages.  Bikes are all about individual style, and we can help you find the look you want.  Contact us here if you have any questions or want to discuss compatibility with other aftermarket products.

In the 1980s as manufacturers started to fit their own fairings straight from the factory the demise of the classic race fairing from Avon and Rickman occurred.  The café race is back and our Avon fairing is a great option for those who want to revive this classic look.