Speed Triple 1050

While it has divided opinions among purists over the years, there can be no denying that the Speed Triple 1050 has played a major part in the rejuvenation of the Triumph brand.  This model was designed to hit a sweet spot with potential buyers in terms of both aesthetics and performance, and range-topping sales over the years have shown that the original concept was right on the money.

Maintaining a best-selling motorcycle is always going to be easier than owning a rarer model, because parts availability means repairs can be made more quickly and cheaply.  And as always, Sprint Manufacturing are standing by with a range of common maintenance parts to keep your Speed Triple up and running.  Select from the list below, or see our master list for other common parts.

Let’s take a brief look at how the Speed Triple has evolved alongside the rest of the Triumph line-up, and how the model has played a part in defining one of the best-selling classes of motorcycle of recent times.

‘Naked’ Bikes

Around the same time as the Triumph brand was reinventing itself and moving to a new premises in Hinckley, Leicestershire, a new trend was developing among enthusiastic motorcyclists the world over.  Fully faired sports bikes had been in vogue for a number of years by this time, and the extreme performance offered by leading models was popular with thrill seekers and racing enthusiasts.  However, as machines built for the racetrack became more and more specialised, they became less and less suited for riding on the road.  Full aerodynamic fairings were fragile and expensive, and riding in a full race tuck position for more than an hour or two would prove to be a challenge for even the most committed rider.  Other problems of riding a sports bike on the street included limited visibility for the rider, and the fact that highly strung competition engines were not well suited to low speed roads or heavy traffic.

And so, some riders began to modify their bikes to address these issues.  The same powerful, agile machines could be adapted to offer a more friendly riding position, and de-tuned to make them usable in all conditions.  Removing bodywork made them lighter and less susceptible to damage, and led to them being referred to as ‘naked’ bikes.  It wasn’t long before manufacturers began to offer production models designed to capitalize on these advantages, and the original Triumph Speed Triple was one of the first of this new breed.  Motorcycling was becoming cool again, and for a fast, comfortable machine you could use as daily transportation, the Speed Triple proved hard to beat.

The 1050cc Speed Triple

The naked bike formula has proved so successful that popular models now come in a range of sizes.  The Speed Triple 1050 was released in 2005 for riders who demanded a naked bike with a litre-plus engine.  The bike handles the extra power well, and while it will never make a lightweight racer, the minimalist approach to bodywork means it isn’t as heavy as you might expect for a bike with this much power.  For those who are determined to go even faster, the Speed Triple 1050 R packs a revised gearbox, upgraded suspension and brakes, and lightweight wheels, making for a monstrously fast bake which will not be put to shame on a race track.

The Speed Triple 1050 and Speed Triple 1050 R were updated in 2011 and 2016 respectively, so when ordering parts for your bike it’s important to get the right spec.  Our staff here at Sprint Manufacturing are always happy to help customers with their purchase, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.