Thunderbird 900, Sport, Legend

A fast and capable cruiser, the modern thunderbird had a ‘real world retro’ styling which evoked memories of the 1970s for many of us. The Thunderbird 900 was powered by a mostly reliable water-cooled 885cc triple, which was deliberately designed to look like a classic air-cooled engine.

As is often the case with solid base models such as the ‘95-‘04 Triumph Thunderbird, the potential for further tuning and/or customisation lead to a few different off-shoot models, in this case the Thunderbird Sport and the Legend TT.

The Triumph Thunderbird Sport was designed to do pretty much exactly what it said on the tin; that is, to provide a more powerful (by 14hp!) version of the bike with more gears and better brakes. As is usually the case with premium variants of an established line, the faster and more expensive versions tend to be more sought-after, with a higher percentage being preserved by the time the model achieves classic status.

Another occasional, although dubious, practice involves the use of Thunderbird Sport Parts such as some of those below to dress up a standard Thunderbird to look like a Sport, either with or without the appropriate performance upgrades. For us here at Sprint Manufacturing, every Triumph from this era is a classic, and deserves to be treated as such. A basic bike can be loved and treasured every bit as much as a halo model, and shouldn’t have to apologise for anything!

The Triumph Legend TT is a case in point. This bike was introduced as a stripped down, budget version of he Thunderbird platform, but has ended up gathering a following of it’s own. Fortunately, most accessories like handlebars, exhausts, luggage racks, suspension components and control levers are interchangeable between these models. Contact us to enquire about Thunderbird 900 and 900 Sport parts.