Avon Fairings Sports Style

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Avon Fairings Sports Style

In the classic era of Triumph bikes, aftermarket fairings were the accessory to have.  These distinctive add-ons protected riders from flying debris, and the effects of weather like road spray and wind.  Most featured built-in windscreens, which added another level of comfort and practicality to machines which had to fulfil many roles at once: hobby, image accessory, and daily mode of transportation.

But let’s face it, the reason we really wanted these fairings was SPEED!  Fairings like the Avon Sports type could dramatically improve the aerodynamics of a classic bike, while providing alternative mounting places for headlights, instruments, and so on, thereby improving the handling of the steering assembly.  Another benefit of fitting a streamlined sports Avon fairing was reduced fuel consumption.  Not that anyone cared about that, either.

During that golden period in history, the most successful racers and record breakers featured stunning bodywork which looked like it came from outer space.  Now, the same look is considered retro rather than futuristic, but Avon sports fairings are still enough to make many Triumph enthusiasts go misty-eyed.  Along with our race and touring products, these Sports Avon Fairings complete a range of items to help you achieve the classic look you want.

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