Tiger 900 (carburettor) 1993 - 1998

The Tiger 900 is a classic model of Triumph motorcycle, popular with many riders who appreciate quality and power. If you are looking for parts for the Tiger 900 (carburettor) model of bike, you can rely on Sprint Manufacturing. We supply specialist parts for all types of Triumph bikes. We supply a combination of original manufacturer parts and components specifically tooled to suit each model of Triumph, including the Tiger 900 (carburettor). Why not take a look on our online store to see our extensive range. Alternatively, contact us using the details on the website because we are happy to help you to find the right part to get you back on the road.

The Tiger 900 is a classic for fans of the original Triumph models. It was introduced by Triumph Motorcycles in 1993 and was produced until 1998. Although there is a newer model of the Tiger 900, classic Triumph collectors still love the original model. Fans sometimes know it as the ‘steamer’, a nickname that refers to the fact that it is a model with a carburettor rather than a fuel injection system. It also distinguishes the Hinkley model of Tiger 900 from earlier models from the Meriden days of the company.

One of the reasons that the Tiger 900 is so beloved by its owners is that it is so durable. It is known as a tough motorbike, and it has a style that some associate with Dakar Rally style bikes. With its strong 885 cc, three cylinder engine and high riding position, it is easy to see why owners take such pride in maintaining these classic machines and taking them out on the road. If you are the owner of a Tiger 900, we are sure that you want to keep yours running well for as long as possible.

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