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Here at Sprint Manufacturing, we provide a collection of motorcycle parts and accessories for Hinckley Triumph models. Our customers benefit from classic style paired with modern machinery. We strive to preserve the heritage of the Triumph brand since its establishment in 1990, while meeting contemporary manufacturing standards. We are an online source for quality motorcycle parts, including a variety of Triumph windscreens.

There are a few reasons you would benefit from using a motorcycle screen. For high-speed journeys, a motorcycle screen can reduce noise that might distract or bother you while riding. Having a Triumph screen can also protect you from debris flying onto your helmet and obstructing your vision, such as insects or dirt kicked up from other vehicles. Triumph screens reduce the amount of wind pushing against your front as you drive, easing back or arm strain.

Buying individual genuine Triumph parts can be expensive, so we have a variety of compatible, budget-friendly options available. Among our products are the Avon Fairings motorcycle screens. Avon offers add-on parts in classic, individual styles, made popular with the rise of motorcycle production. We also have the Triumph sprint screen that is 4 inches higher than the standard screen with a flip-up edge. We supply motorcycle screen edge trim for heavier gauge screens you can cut to length and adhere to the screen with super glue.

For more information about our Triumph and Avon screens and fairings, you can view our gallery or get in touch by completing our online form. You can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 01985 850821 or emailing If you are interested in a more comfortable ride, then we can provide you with a Triumph sprint screen today.