Trophy 900/1200

Triumph Trophy

The Trophy name has been part of Triumph’s heritage for over half a century, and the early models did indeed live up to their name as successful competition machines.  The later iterations from the Hinckley era took the form of a capable and comfortable sports tourer, and have many fans who value a machine’s all-round usability.

While there is considerable variation in specifications within the model for the 1991-2003 period, most consumables and replaceables are common to all models, making finding the Triumph Trophy parts you need relatively straightforward.  The biggest difference in specs is obviously the two types of engine the bike was equipped with, the 900 triple and 1200 four cylinder.  Many  components are  shared for both the Trophy 900 and Trophy 1200, just check the product description in each case to make sure you’re ordering the right item.

Besides the standard maintenance tasks, the Trophy 900/1200 is like any other bike in that it has certain components it is worth keeping an eye on.  This generation of Triumph Trophy was largely reliable, but since Trophy parts are so readily available there’s no point in putting of small fixes which can enhance the convenience and pleasure of ownership.  Some of the parts owners recommend watching include:

  • Check the rear chain and sprockets for wear.
  • Check the cam chain tensioner spring, as the springs can reduce in length when compressed over long periods.
  • The air filter assembly should be replaced periodically.
  • Oil seals in the fork legs can fail if the bike is stood for long periods.
  • If the Triumph Trophy had one problem area (due to the Ethanol in modern fuel), it was the fuel system.
  • Don’t skimp on maintenance, and insist on high quality parts.

Whether you ride a 900 or 1200, it isn’t hard to get many thousands of miles of great service from your ’91-‘03 Triumph Trophy with a little conscientious maintenance.  Contact us for more information on products.