Triumph Chains, Sprockets, Cush Drive Rubbers, Rivet Tool

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Drivetrain maintenance is key for riders of any type of machine.  Whether you are an enthusiast systematically restoring your historic Triumph to its former glory, or a weekend rider with a modern bike, keeping your Triumph chain and related hardware in good condition will keep you safe, save you money, and make the experience of owning and riding your motorcycle more enjoyable.

Checking your chain should be part of your regular pre-ride inspection, along with checking oil and tyres.  If the seals in your Triumph chain fail due to wear, this can show as rust in the pins and rollers, or kinks when you look along the line of the chain.  Ride with a damaged chain, and you risk it breaking at speed, or damaging your bike’s sprockets.

We can supply exactly the same type of DID chain Triumph originally fitted to your bike – check in the descriptions to make sure you order the right model.  These chains can be fitted with our authentic design motorcycle chain rivet tool.

Some riders ask us, should I replace my Triumph rear sprocket when I put on a new chain?  At the end of the day, it’s up to you, but it’s a fact that when new and old components are combined, both will wear faster than if they were both brand new.  You can save money in the long run by ordering a Triumph motorcycle chain kit (here or here – check descriptions), and replacing your Triumph sprockets along with your chain.

Other parts of your bike’s transmission, such as Triumph sprocket cover gaskets or cush drive rubbers, may be less susceptible to daily wear and tear, but it’s still a good idea to inspect them thoroughly, especially on an old bike which may have been stood for a period of time.  Contact our team to learn more about these products.