Fork bush set, 43mm Kayaba

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PTFE coated top and bottom bush set to fit Kayaba 43mm forks used on Trident, Trophy, Sprint, Speed Triple, Daytona, Tiger, Thunderbird, TT600 and Daytona 600/650.  Triumph have used Kayaba and Showa as fork suppliers, sometimes with both types used on the same series of bike model. If possible please check before ordering or supply the vin number. The Kayaba forks use 20mm wide (actually 19.85mm) bottom bushes and as supplied from new have a smooth looking dust seal, with no spring showing. This kit consists of 4 bushes.

750/900 Trident, 900/1200 Trophy, 750/900 Speed Triple, 750/900/100/1200 Daytona, 900 Tiger, Thunderbird, Legend, Adventurer,  TT600, 600 Daytona, 650 Daytona, Speed 4,