What to look for when purchasing Classic Bike Parts

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Searching for Triumph classic bike parts can be a real pain if you need to know what you’re doing. Gaining as much knowledge as possible about your historic bike can assist you in comprehending the components that were originally installed. If you understand the original parts and how they work, you will have a better chance of locating vintage or newer replacements for your motorcycle. The finest replacement components are only sometimes the ones you’d expect to use, partly because the reasons for replacement change with time. Some upgrades, such as those intended to improve aesthetics, may call for a different component than those intended to improve functionality. Here are some suggestions that may assist you in obtaining a product in a suitable condition.

  • Try to buy from a store instead of online or by mail.

If necessary, this requires a trip to the store (or garage) to inspect the component in question. You might also try shopping at a local autojumble, but you need to track down a dealer who will be there and ask them to bring the part you need (usually, autojumble dealers carry only fast-moving spares). To the best of your ability, seek out a seasoned dealer. You should only deal with dependable vendors who stand behind their products. This means sticking with male vendors who have experience with classic bikes or racing.

  • Check the part carefully.

Precision measuring tools are required for engine parts. A steel ruler is a minimum, although a vernier calliper or micrometre are useful tools. They need not cost an arm and a leg to acquire. Used is good enough for some people. Taking measurements and double-checking spares is routine once you get into the swing. It also serves as a useful lesson in the value of accuracy.

  • Ask if there’s something that costs more.

Most customers mainly care about price. Hence many classic bike shops only stock low-end components. These consumers aren’t necessarily cycling to the store. They usually do nothing more than parade them around. Or they’re showing them off and occasionally driving them around a showground or out for a Sunday drive. However, they are unlikely to use it for long distances, display much rage when riding it, and use it in wet conditions. The bike could have been purchased to be repaired and sold to the first client. Therefore, many bike owners and builders don’t consider low-quality components an issue. These people are only interested in living for a short time, nothing more than a lack of substance and an emphasis on appearance.

Lastly, make sure you get the warranty information you need. You have rights under standard consumer legislation, but a two-year warranty on a re-spoked wheel is a good indicator of the dealer’s confidence in the quality of their wares. You should seek a written guarantee. Doing so could prove useful in the long run.


You must choose between Triumph Classic Bike Parts and reproductions. You may need to visit a junk shop, an antique dealer, a dealer for classic motorcycles, or an online resource to find original parts. You should learn as much as you can about the components before purchasing them, as many vendors try to pass off copies as authentic OEM parts.