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Triumphs MotorcycleWhether you are buying a motorcycle or an airplane, you will feel the ‘buyer’s responsibility to make the right choice. Given the diverse range of Automobile machines in the market, you will have to be intentional when choosing which one fits you and your needs the most.

The tricky part of this is that you may not even know what exactly is best for you and that is why we at Triumph Motorcycle have put together this amazing buyer’s guide for you.

Things to Look Out For When Getting Your Bike

Before selecting a motorcycle, here are some of the things you should look out for.

  1. The seat height

This might not seem like a priority, but it is. You want to be comfortable in your motorcycle so you have to consider the height of the motorcycle before purchasing If you are of average height, then you will need to select one that is just appropriate for you.

The same goes for if you have longer legs, to avoid getting cramped up after minutes of cycling chose a motorcycle height that gives enough room for you to place your both feet on the ground while still seated. This is a good way to ascertain that you are going to be comfortable while cycling.

  1. The seat cushion

After choosing the right seat height for you, the next thing you want to consider will be the seat cushion. Depending on what is the intended use of the motorcycle, everyone’s preferences will differ.

For example, a sports cyclist will need a thinner cushion to get a better feel while standard cyclists and tourists will need wider and thicker paddings for endurance and comfort.

  1. The handlebars

Wider handlebars have been noted to cause backache in cyclists and they are not easy to squeeze through traffic with. If you are of an athletic build or younger, this might not be a source of concern to you but if you engage in long hours of cycling in the forward position, then you need handlebars that will be easier for your body to handle.

  1. Engine vibration and temperature

Motorcycle vibration and temperature can cause discomfort to the rider. Most times, the cause of this is the size of the engines so when selecting a motorcycle, look for one with quality and normal-sized engines parts. Admittedly, this will be difficult for you to determine yourself, that is why you need to go for reputable brands.

  1. Weight of the bike

Know the curb weight of the motorcycle before buying it. The reason for this is that there may be times when there will be a need for the bike to be pushed backward or forward from the parking space and you might not find others to help you.

  1. Position of the foot peg

Again, this will be based on the intended use of the bike and the motorcyclist’s preference. Foot pegs can be in the rearward, forward or middle position. Tourists and cruise cyclists usually prefer it to be forward. If you belong to this category, then you should go for this. However, it is still very much possible to adapt your riding style to suit the position of foot peg you have for a comfortable experience.

  1. Budget

Of course, your budget is one of the most important guiding factors when buying a motorcycle. Once you have your budget it will be much easier to narrow down your options and go for the best fit.


Buying anything new can be a thrilling experience especially when you get it right and with Triumphs Motorcycle, we have exactly what’s right for you. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry now and get your very own Triumph power bike.