Different Kinds of Triumph Sprocket Covers

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A sprocket is a type of wheel with teeth designed to engage with and hold onto a chain. As with the Triumph sprocket, the chain is held in place, and the sprocket’s teeth rotate the components linked to it. Large machinery and equipment can be turned quickly and precisely with this procedure.

Metal or reinforced plastic is used in the production of sprockets so that they can withstand the torque of a moving chain. These parts perform the same function as gears, which have a wheel shape and teeth.

Labelling Different Types of Sprockets

  • Type A

This sprocket doesn’t have a hub and is instead flat. Common installation locations include the equipment’s flanges or hubs. They go via a string of relatively simple and narrow openings.

  • Type B

A hub is attached to one side of this sprocket. This ensures a snug fit between the sprocket and the device installed. This alleviates a substantial hanging load that could otherwise be placed on the bearings of the machinery.

  • Type C

Sprockets of type C have a hub on both sides of the plate. Applications, where the pitch diameter is oversized and additional weight must be supported by the shaft are typical users. More prominent hubs are needed for heavier weights.

  • Type D

Type A sprockets are utilised on either a solid or split hub for these sprockets. The splints that hold the sprocket to the seat can be removed relatively easily. The speed ratio can be adjusted without removing any bearings or other components.

The Many Varieties of Sprockets

  • Chain Sprocket

All other sprockets are variations on these. Only chains with rollers and pins can be used with them.

Roller chains transmit rotational motion because they have a space between their links that matches the pitch of the sprocket’s teeth. They find utility in a variety of transmission-related contexts.

  • Duplex Sprocket

The duplex sprockets can be found in a wide variety of diameters and are often composed of mild steel or stainless steel. Most of the sprockets are double-stranded from the plate’s outside diameter of 2 inches to 120 inches.

  • Drive Sprocket

The driving sprocket is one of the most common sprockets. Typically, shaft import power is used to provide these. A narrower version of the diameter is offered.

  • Triple Sprocket

The triple sprocket is a bushing-equipped, three-stage, 18-tooth taper sprocket. High-quality mild steel is used in its construction and is produced with tight tolerances for durability. The teeth of these sprockets have been heating-treated to increase their hardness and longevity.

Uses for Sprockets

Diverse kinds of sprockets are used for different purposes and on various machines to facilitate movement. Common uses for sprockets include the following:

The sprockets have numerous uses in farm machinery. These are used in automobile machinery as well. It finds its most common application in chain-driven manufacturing equipment like conveyor belts and other transport systems.

Sprockets are essential in pulleys, shafts, and other forms of mechanical energy transmission. They are used in a wide variety of vehicles, from bicycles to motorcycles.


Sprockets are used in virtually every industry because they are more efficient than belt drives, do not have slip or creep problems, and are thus universally adopted. They maintain their efficiency even when exposed to extreme heat. Sprockets and sprocket covers for your Triumph bike are available here at Sprint Manufacturing.